Lateral Move Systems
Reinke lateral move systems travel straight across square and rectangular fields. These high-strength steel systems can irrigate nearly 100% of these fields.

Ideal for large fields. Floating axels keep all four ties on the ground, allowing this unit to pull large hoses (up to 8-inch diameter).

This unit can carry a self-contained power supply with forward and reverse tow options or the pivot option. Hose pull systems feature double inlets, internal check valves and quick coupler connections on both ends of the power tower. Double end feed option available.

Our pivoting lateral move (PLM) system is our most versatile lateral move system. It can irrigate two sides of a rectangular field, allowing you to irrigate twice as many acres with just one lateral move system – no towing is necessary. When one side of the field is done, the PLM pivots easily to irrigate the other side.

Compact, clean design with a self-contained power unit. Carries its own pumping equipment and generator. Use of the center feed option in larger fields provides annual energy savings by reducing system pressure loss.

Guidance System Options

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