Minigator E2045
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Introducing the newest member of the Electrogator II family of high quality center pivots, the all new Minigator. Equipped with 4.5" water pipe the Minigator still offers many of the same features as its big brother - the Electrogator II. 
Reinke has been building and servicing this type of small piped machine since 1971 with many of the original Minigator machines still operating today - all around the world. 
With a maximum system length of 1,300 feet and a simplified yet fully-functional, high-quality control panel standard, the Minigator is a perfect fit for small or irregularly shaped fields, pivot corners, low gallonage wells or simply where you need a lower cost system alternative.  
For all the details about an irrigation system that is sized down for your smaller fields yet loaded up with Reinke's time proven Electrogutor II features, benefits and quality you demand, call us at Ritthaler Irrigation today!  

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